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Mrs. C. H. Breidenbach

Possibly: Anna Danner Breidenbach

Family History from Wright State University Libraries

Exerpt: On April 3, 1893, in Dayton, C. H.Breidenbach married Anna Danner, a former teacher in Dayton public schools. Anna Danner was born December 29, 1868, in Dayton, to George Danner and Anna Osner. (Anna Danner Breidenbachis sometimes called “Mano” in the album.)

Dr. C. H. and Mrs. Breidenbach had two daughters: Marian Isabel (called Isabel), born May 14, 1895, in Dayton; and Anna Marie (often called “Babe”in the album), born March 19, 1899, in Dayton. Isabel married Leon T. Meuche (1889-1969) and had two sons, Charles Henry (b. 1922-1996) and Leon G. (b. ~1928); she died September 27, 1971. Anna first married Earle Lyman Brooks (1895-1975) and had a daughter Virginia (b. 1921), who seems to have made several notations in the album (often referring to “Aunt Isabel”). Anna second married John Merton in 1934, and her death date is unknown.

Dr. C. H. Breidenbach died March 5, 1926, in Dayton, Ohio. His wife Anna died January 29, 1943, in Dayton. They are both buried in Woodland Cemetery in Dayton

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