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2024 exhibitions

The Future of Female


THE FUTURE OF FEMALE is an exhibition focused on the ideals, hopes, and experiences of women identifying artists. The call for art is open to any women identifying artists who are 18 years or older and who live, work, or attend school in the state of Ohio. All art in any medium, style, and technique will be considered. Art must be original. The juror is Heather Jones and $600 will be given in prizes.

About the Juror:

Heather Jones is an artist that uses abstraction and color to comment on matrilineal connections, the historical and socio-political relationship between women and textiles, and explores the relationship between gender, place, time, and culture in her work. Her sewn paintings and sculptures continue the story of geometric abstraction, and she is influenced by artists including Josef and Anni Albers, Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, and Carmen Herrara, but also equally by a vast group of unknown female makers from the Southern and Appalachian regions of the United States and their patchwork quilting. The subject of her work is unequivocally feminist: she chooses to work with fabric rather than paint, in reference and reverence to the fact that fiber arts were often the only type of art that women were encouraged to practice for many years throughout history. Conceptually her work focuses on the use of readymade, common material and its elevation to high art; the power of color and shape; and is an authentic connection to the past, both personally and universally. She documents the story of our current world, particularly female narratives often neglected from history. By working within the realm of geometric compositions, Jones creates a universal visual language to tell these stories, using textiles as a reference to issues of domesticity and women’s work.

Jones is represented by Contemporary Art Matters, Columbus, Ohio; the George Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina; Moremen Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky; and has work available though David Richard Gallery, New York, NY. She was selected as an artist-in-residence for Kehinde Wiley’s inaugural class at Black Rock Senegal, and worked there in October 2019. Jones’ solo exhibition, Storytellers, opened in February 2022 at the Contemporary Dayton (Ohio), one of three concurrent solo exhibitions featuring the work of Jones, Odili Donald Odita, and Jeffrey Gibson. She also had her first solo exhibit in New York City at David Richard Gallery that opened in February 2022. Jones is currently an artist-in-residence at Silver Art Projects in New York City.


Honorable Mention - Stephanie de la Rosa, No one ever told me the sleepless nights never end.

Third Place - Christine Gaffney, Penetration

Second Place - Kate Huser Santucci, She Knew What They All Knew

First Place - Deanna Newsom, Hillside

Participating Artists:

Emily Bartolone, Tami Beale, Alison Bour, Kim Ceccarelli, Nancy Dankof, Stephanie de la Rosa, Rachel Dillabaugh, Gretchen Durst Jacobs, Christine Gaffney, Erica Goulart, Shannon Grecula Parsons, Kendall Hamilton, Renee Hopson, Mikee Huber, Suzi Hyden, Emma Jackson, Joy Johnson, Bonnie Kuntz, Violet Larimer, Aliya Long, Kathy A. Moore, Deanna Newsom, Diane Pribojan, Elizabeth Rockford, Kate Huser Santucci, Kim Shelton, Erin Smith Glenn, Barb Stork, Elyssa Wortzman

PROJECT SPACE:  Kathleen Caffrey

The DSA Project Space, known for its flexibility in highlighting members' artwork and innovative ideas throughout the year, will be featuring a collection of work by member Kathleen Caffrey, titled Shifting Sands.

Artist Statement:

Mindfulness and transformation. The world we live in is precious in the passing moments and dynamic in the shifting sands under our feet. I express my observations and moments in my own efforts to make sense of these opposing forces.

I have always been interested in techniques and methods from the past and present. I have studied historical photographic methods as well as historic drawing, painting, drafting, and methods of perspective. I have also made a point to keep an eye on new products and methods, as well as pioneers exploring joint and evolved techniques.

The past is always present, the present is always passing and the future was planted long ago. While rooted in a lifelong personal study of the Humanities and Science, human beings experience life on emotional terms. This data is transformed into experience and reaction, relationship and connection, and community and focus.

The creative fields, including art, are a means of exploring these. And in my work, I use the emotive effect of art to explore the complex reality we all daily seek to understand.

Person Place THing

APRIL 5 - MAY 18

PERSON PLACE THING is the Dayton Society of Artists’ 2024 annual spring juried exhibition. The call for art was open to all mediums, techniques, and styles. Any artist, 18 years or older, was eligible to enter. The juror was Stefan Chinov and over $900 awarded in prizes! 

About the Juror:

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Stefan Chinov holds an MA from the National Academy of the Arts in Sofia and an MFA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. His work has been shown across the United States and internationally, including the Sculpture Center in Cleveland, OH, Tigre Museum of Art in Argentina, and Sofia University Gallery. He has completed residency fellowships and projects in the United States, Antarctica, Turkey, Israel, and Spain. Currently he teaches sculpture and drawing at Wright State University in Dayton, OH.

Image: Untitled Head, Stefan Chinov


Honorable Mention:
Mikee Huber, Ocean Path I & II
Suzi Hyden, Sister Abundance & Perseverance
Kathy A. Moore, Grandma's House in Winter

Third Place - Carol McNeeley, Netflix

Second Place - Bill Woody, Pumping Station

First Place - Gypsy Schindler, Reilly

Participating Artists: 
T. Kristen Adkins, Linnea Albers, Julie Armstrong, Katarina Bishop, Virginia Burroughs, J.D. Claffey, Clara Coleman, Rachel Dillabaugh, Rhonda Duncalf, Mark Echtner, Kelly Frigard, Elisha Frontz, Christine Gaffney, Greg Gibson, Shannon Grecula Parsons, Sara Green, Audrey Havens, Brendan Higgins, Mikee Huber, Suzi Hyden, Aura Lewis, Margie McCullough, Kevin McNeeley, Carol McNeeley, Kathy A. Moore, Jeremy Mudd, Linda Phillips, Diane Pribojan, Austin Ranly, Paul Rienzo, Kate Huser Santucci, Gypsy Schindler, Billy Simms, Tamiko Stump, Barb Weinert-McBee, Lauren Wells, William Woody, Charles Wright, Eva Yarger

PROJECT SPACE:  Austin Ranly

ST. Anne's Hill 50th anniversary

JUNE 1 - JUNE 15


JUNE 28 - JUNE 29

1 / 2

JULY 5 - JULY 20

1 / 2 is part one of the Dayton Society of Artists’ 2024 annual members’ exhibition. The call for art is open to DSA members in good standing and is open to all mediums, techniques, and styles.

About the Juror: 


Honorable Mention:

Participating Artists: 

2 / 2


2 / 2 is part two of the Dayton Society of Artists’ 2024 annual members’ exhibition. The call for art is open to DSA members in good standing and is open to all mediums, techniques, and styles.

About the Juror: 


Honorable Mention:

Participating Artists: 

Amy Deal


Midwest Americana


The Dayton Society of Artists (DSA) is pleased to present MIDWEST AMERICANA, a regional call for lens-based artwork. All artists, 18 years or older and living or working in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky were eligible for entry. Each piece must be lens-based (including but not limited to photography, computer edited photos, video, etc.) but may have other mediums or techniques incorporated into the work. Traditional and non-traditional approaches are welcome, and the medium may be interpreted broadly. Support for this exhibition is provided by FotoFocus.

About the Juror: 


Honorable Mention:

Participating Artists: 



SMALL BUT MIGHTY 2024 is the Dayton Society of Artists small works exhibition and holiday gift shop. All work is 12" x 12" or smaller and includes a wide variety of mediums and styles.

DSA will also have a gift shop full of original and handmade goods such as ornaments, cards, jewelry and more! So add a little wonder to your holiday season and visit the Dayton Society of Artists.

Participating Artists:

Thank you to our Sponsors:
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